"An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

Dietary Sources of Quercetin

Choose recipes with ingredients high in quercetin to add more quercetin to your diet.

The antioxidant quercetin is partially responsible for that lovely red glow in your apple skin. It is also present in many other fruits, nuts, vegetables and grains.24 Many of the foods high in quercetin are full of lots of other important nutrients, such as vitamins A, C, and E, calcium, magnesium, and lycopene.7

You may want to consider organically grown versions of fruits and vegetables when looking to maximize your quercetin intake. A recent study found that tomatoes which had been organically grown had more quercetin than their conventionally grown counterparts, although green peppers had no difference in quercetin levels.25 Often different parts of the fruit or vegetable contain higher amounts of quercetin, such as apple skin and the outermost layers in onions.26-27

Foods that are high in quercetin include fruits and vegetables.

Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts and Grains Rich in Quercetin

  mg/100 g.
Ancho peppers 27.60
Apple sauce, unsweetened 2.00
Apple, raw w/o skin 1.50
Apple, raw with skin 4.42
Apricot, raw 2.55
Bilberries, raw 3.04
Black grapes 2.54
Blueberries, frozen 3.93
Blueberries, raw 3.11
Bog whortleberries, wild frozen 17.70
Broccoli, cooked 1.06
Broccoli, raw 3.21
Buckwheat 23.09
Buckwheat flour, whole groat 2.72
Butterhead lettuce 1.19
Capers, canned 180.77
Celery, raw 3.50
Cherries, raw 1.25
Cherries, sweet canned 3.20
Cherry tomatoes, raw 2.77
Chives, raw 4.77
Chokeberries, frozen 8.90
Cocoa powder, dry, unsweetened 20.13
Coriander, raw 5.00
Corn poppy leaves 26.30
Cowberries, raw 21.00
Cranberries, raw 14.02
Cranberry juice, raw 16.41
Dill weed, fresh 55.15
Dock leaves, raw 86.20
European black currants, raw 5.69
Greek greens pie 12.40
Green beans, canned 1.49
Green beans, raw 2.73
Hot green chili peppers, raw 16.80
Hot wax yellow peppers, raw 50.63
Iceberg lettuce 2.47
Jalapeno, raw 5.07
Kale, canned 4.50
Kale, raw 7.71
Lemons, raw w/o peel 2.29
Lingonberries, raw 12.16
Lingonberry juice 1.02
Looseleaf lettuce 1.95
Lovage leaves, raw 170.00
Marinara sauce 0.91
Onions, boiled 19.36
Plums, raw 1.20
Queen Anne’s Lace leaves, raw 1.10
Red currants, raw 0.95
Red grapes 3.54
Red onion, raw 19.93
Rowanberries, frozen 7.40
Serrano peppers, raw 15.98
Spinach, raw 4.86
Spring onions, raw 14.24
Sweet potato leaves, raw 20.54
Tarragon, fresh 10.00
Tea, black brewed 2.07
Tea, decaf brewed 2.84
Tea, decaf green brewed 2.77
Tea, green brewed 2.69
Tomato juice, canned 1.46
Tomato puree, canned 4.12
Watercress, raw 4.00
White currants, raw 1.95
White sweet onion, raw 5.19
Yellow snap beans, raw 3.03
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