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Natural Canker Sore Relief

Quercetin may help relieve and cure canker sores faster.

Anyone who has had a canker sore knows how painful these mouth ulcers can be—aggravated by the fact that they can take a week to two weeks to heal. Recently a clinical trial was conducted to assess quercetin’s effects on canker sores, and the results were promising.28

In the forty male patients randomly assigned to apply quercetin topical cream 2-3 times a day to canker sores, 90% had completely healed ulcers in 4-7 days. By 10 days, all 20 test subjects had resolved sores. Compared to the control group treated with a medicated mouthwash, the quercetin cream group healed faster and found the cream easy to use.28

Older research indicates that quercetin is similar in structure to disodium cromoglycate, a drug used to treat recurrent canker sores. This may explain quercetin’s effectiveness in relieving this painful condition.9

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