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Can Quercetin Help Keep Your Heart Healthy?

Can quercetin help prevent heart disease? While it may not directly improve your love life, quercetin might be just what the doctor ordered in terms of a healthy heart and vascular system. One of the most prevalent flavonoids in the food we eat, this polyphenol is also one of the most studied, including on our cardiovascular system.30

In healthy people, studies suggest that quercetin may offer antioxidant and other beneficial effects, but most clinical trials consistently demonstrate no measurable effect on blood pressure or cholesterol levels.31-32 But for those already experiencing some level of cardiovascular disease with high blood pressure and cholesterol levels, studies show quercetin can significantly reduce these two markers, demonstrating its therapeutic uses.32

Researchers suggest that quercetin’s preventive mechanisms for cardiovascular disease in healthy people simply may be measurable in ways other than blood pressure or cholesterol levels.31 One alternative may be by assessing the effects of quercetin on substances known to improve or damage blood vessel function.33

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